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Make plans to join us with your family for Easter at Woodstock this year at First Baptist Woodstock as we celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus! We have something for everyone in the family. Come out, enjoy the day, and celebrate with us!

A Message from Pastor Johnny

Our Stories

Evelyn’s Story

Last year on a Tuesday morning, Evelyn came to me and said, “I want to get baptized!” When I asked her why, she said, “Because Jesus lives inside me, and I think I want to do that.” I told her she would have to be in front of the whole church and she replied, “That’s okay- I want everybody to know!” It’s incredible because she has such a special memory around Easter in regards to her baptism. I know as she grows older it’s something she won’t forget as she continues to celebrate and remember Easter. She knew what she was doing. She understood what baptism meant, and with the help of her teachers from church, she was fully prepared for the decision she made. It’s beautiful to see how excited she is about her faith in Jesus. For 3 months after her baptism, she would walk up to everyone she met and asked if they loved Jesus, too. It started some really amazing conversations, and her little sister (not wanting to be left out) is eager to follow her example.

Evelyn’s Mom. (Evelyn on the left)

Tommy’s Story

“We were married at the early age of 19, in the year 1970. The first 10 years of our marriage had some good times, our two sons were born , but we also had some very rough times. We tried to give the boys a a good home life, at least Susan did. I was too busy with work and thinking of myself and what I thought would make me happy. I tried to fill the emptiness in my life with what the world offered, I was nowhere near the husband she needed and the father our sons needed.

By the time (1980) came around our marriage had grown completely cold and after a very heated argument one Saturday I left and it looked like the marriage was over. After a while I returned home, but there had to be some changes made. Susan would ask me to go with her and the boys to church but I would always make up some excuse why I couldn’t go. But she did not give up asking me, so I eventually told her that I would go with them on Easter Sunday. God was using Susan to break down all the barriers that I kept putting up.

So on Easter Sunday 1980, I kept my promise that I would go to church with Susan and the boys. Once the service started with the music I began to sense something happening in my heart. I listened, but I did not sing along, then the Pastor got up and delivered the message. When he started giving the invitation and the music started I could not control my emotions, I was weeping like a baby.

Susan leaned over and asked if I wanted to go down and talk to the pastor, and I said yes. That moment my life was changed forever just like it says in 2 Corinthians, if any man is in Christ, he is a new creature; old things passed away; behold, new things have come.

Susan got a new husband and a marriage based on true love the way God designed it, and our sons got a new dad. That was almost 38 years ago and I have to say that it has not always been perfect and that I have still made many mistakes but I know that God saved me that day and He promised that He would never leave me or forsake me. He has allowed both of us to be involved in His work in many ways over the years, which would never have happened had I remained that old man I use to be.”

Tommy and Susan

MaeLynn’s Story

What would happen if you started a new friendship this Easter? “I teach Wednesday night women’s Bible study. A few years ago a beautiful Hispanic sister in Christ joined the class. She came because she wanted to get better with her English. I invited her over to my home for lunch one day and that was the start of our precious friendship. She told me that day over lunch that she and her husband were here illegally from Mexico. They both got saved at the FBCW Spanish church. She said they’d been here for 14 years and I was the first American that invited her over. I discipled her and taught her how to cook things like lasagna and mashed potatoes. We became the best of friends. Almost two years ago they decided to move back to Mexico. Our goodbye was full of tears but also full of joy because we both knew God was leading them home. We are still in touch – – – calling each other and texting each other through WhatsApp. I will be forever grateful for that Wednesday night when that dear sister joined our study. God taught me so much from my friendship with her. She had joy and an abundance of gratitude that many of us Americans don’t have. She had a hunger to learn God’s Word as well as how to be a better wife, mother, etc. I loved spending time with her because it was clear from the start that God had knitted our hearts together like only He could. I continue to teach Wednesday night Bible study for women and always keep my eyes open to who the Lord brings into the group.”


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